We continue to pursue technological breakthroughs and continue to invest in research and development to develop new models, and at the same time improve and upgrade existing standard models.

Food processing machinery and customized equipment
(cakes, biscuits, baking, packaging)

Planning and design of automated food production line

Second-hand food machinery trading

Food machinery maintenance

Five advantages ‧ Create a win-win situation

YD-602/Egg Tart Crust machine

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YD-201/Table-Top Quantifying-Filling Machine

Provide many food machinery and equipment, such as food filling, food cutting, food forming, food production line equipment and automation equipment.

Company Introduction

YODA food machinery corp. has a professional technical team and amazing after-sales service. 

Our company continues to develop and innovate in bakery machinery. Our company's products are quite extensive in the industry. They can be applied for baking cakes, cookies, baking packaging, automatic equipment, manipulators, a variety of processed food equipment, and also for the planning of design production line, for developing and designing the special machinery. We can provide customers with comprehensive services and personnel training. 
Yoda Machine Industry sticks to professional, innovative, honest, sustainable operation concept. We have already established a good reputation abroad and in Taiwan in the last few years. Other than that, some of the domestic and overseas well- known companies have cooperated with us continually. 
All the machines which we design and produce are according to the customer’s actual requirements and the peripheral equipment and we integrate the whole plan in order to make them better and maximize the effectiveness. Our team will persist continuously. With our experienced and professional knowledge combined with high-quality equipment and trustworthy after-sales services for gaining our customer’s benefit is our target. 

Customized service
Maximum efficiency, maximum benefit

Design and manufacture according to the needs, and provide integrated planning services to achieve the highest efficiency and maximum benefit!